Testimonial Blurbs!

“Despite working with Nicholas multiple times, I'm always impressed by his extraordinary range and talent. Dedicated to ensuring quality in his work and invested in supporting others involved as a whole, he's a delight to work with and an excellent, reliable choice for a role!”

-Ben B. Singer, Lead Content Producer @ Rooster Teeth (Death Battle)

“Nick is GREAT to work with and an awesome voice actor! He has done a large variety of voices for our cartoons and always provides quality voice work. We love all the options he gives us to choose from and he often throws in some pretty funny unscripted stuff too. He's also very professional and responsive which makes it so much easier on us with our very fast paced productions. We recommend him highly!!”

-Tina Alexander, Producer @ How It Should Have Ended

“Nick is always prompt, easy to work with, and brings an excellent energy to sessions. Easily and quite highly recommendable.”

-Marissa Lenti, Casting Director @ Sound Cadence Studios

“Nick is someone I always think of when I'm casting because of his friendliness and versatility. He always turns out great performances and is an absolute pleasure to work with!”

-Natalie Van Sistine, Casting Director @ Sound Cadence Studios

“Nick is absolutely wonderful to work with! He's been delivering, on-time, high-quality VO for our hugely successful gaming brands on a consistent basis for over a year now. He goes above and beyond working on our scripts, and his knowledge of the gaming and pop culture space is invaluable to us at Omnia Media as a leading digital gaming brand. I can strongly recommend him for any and all of your VO needs.”

-Cisco Zarandin-Araneta, Senior Digital Producer @ Omnia Media

“Nicholas is an extremely talented and versatile voice actor, and it's been a great experience to have him be part of my projects! He pays close attention to the script directions and always delivers high-quality performances. When Nicholas provides a line, he isn't just reading the line; he is completely immersing himself in the character that he is voicing, which is a crucial skill that not everyone has. I am fortunate to have worked with Nicholas, and I hope we can continue to collaborate! He will be a great addition to the cast of any project that selects him.”

-Mike Bettencourt, YT Animation Producer (Multiverse Wars)

“Nick has always been a valuable Voice Talent to have when casting, always had fast turnarounds, provides very high-quality work in terms of clean audio and acting, and frankly has saved my butt a couple of times when things have hit the fan, I cannot recommend him enough for your next project.”

-P.M. Seymour, Casting Director (Aphmau, Genesis, etc)

“He was excellent to work with, very professional with a high quality of recording, and I really appreciated his ability to accommodate our short turnaround time. He was on point with understanding who our character was, and was able to deliver multiple variations, so that we options to choose from. All in all - great job, and would work with him again.”

-TinyCo (Marvel Avengers Academy, Family Guy: TQFS)

“Working with Nicholas on our Deadpool 2 video was an EPIC experience. He delivered a spot-on voice match for Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool while really bringing our script to life.”

-Brian Linder, Partnerships @ FANDOM.com

“Nicholas gave us a great read and fantastic amount of takes to pick from. A wonderful actor with a beautiful ability to understand our script and give a perfect performance.”

-Frostburn Studios (Heroes of Newerth)

“Kay has everything he needs to be an insufferable main character, but Nicholas Andrew Louie brings out a phenomenal performance that gives the protagonist an undeniable amount of charm.”

-Renan Fontes, Cubed3.com (Regalia Review)

“Nicholas was a pleasure to work with. He was efficient, professional and completely dedicated to making sure the job was done to the best standard.”

-Nick Martin, Crush Creative UK (Scholastic Book Trailers)


“Working with Nick has been one of my absolute favorite experiences as a Casting Director for GEEK BY NIGHT. When I was seeking a voice actor for an important character in our audiodrama series, his voice was the perfect match. Not only that, but he was an absolute pleasure to work with. He was very dedicated to rehearsing and learning as much about the character as he could in order to give the best possible performance. He was (and still is) an active supporter of the series, both by encouraging his followers to listen and by engaging with other cast members and fans online when new episodes air. Since joining our team, he has lent his time and talent to various roles in the series - at times filling multiple supporting roles in one episode. His character voices are distinct and unique, making him tremendously valuable in episodes that have a large number of supporting characters. He always provides high quality work in a timely fashion. He is reliable, dedicated, hard-working, talented, friendly, and an incredible asset to any performance he is a part of. He certainly makes my job (and our editor’s job) so easy. We are incredibly lucky to have him on our team!”

-Chelsi Kern, Casting Director @ Dueling Genre Productions (Geek By Night)