Testimonial Blurbs!


"Working with Nicholas on our Deadpool 2 video was an EPIC experience. He delivered a spot-on voice match for Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool while really bringing our script to life."
-Brian Linder (FANDOM.com)

"Kay has everything he needs to be an insufferable main character, but Nicholas Andrew Louie brings out a phenomenal performance that gives the protagonist an undeniable amount of charm."
-Cubed3.com (Review of Regalia: Of Men and Monarchs)

"Nicholas gave us a great read and fantastic amount of takes to pick from. A wonderful actor with a beautiful ability to understand our script and give a perfect performance."
-Frostburn Studios (Heroes of Newerth)

"Great voice, excellent work quality!"
-FIVE-BN Games (Darkness and Flame 2)

"He was excellent to work with, very professional with a high quality of recording, and I really appreciated his ability to accommodate our short turnaround time. He was on point with understanding who our character was, and was able to deliver multiple variations, so that we options to choose from. All in all - great job, and would work with him again."
-TinyCo (Marvel Avengers Academy)

"Nicholas was a pleasure to work with. He was efficient, professional and completely dedicated to making sure the job was done to the best standard."
-Scholastic, inc. (TombQuest Trailer)