Hi. I'm Nick.

I'm just a kid from Long Island who wanted to be a voice actor. 


Actually, I started out wanting to be an animator and character designer, but I quickly realized that I wasn't passionate enough to pursue it into adulthood. This opening is largely irrelevant though. Dunno why I mentioned it. Moving on.

After I ditched the art world, my older brother introduced me to the world of online voice over. That's when I started doing fan projects and really tried to figure out what this VO thing was. Cut to present day and I've voiced for dozens of characters in various videos games, animations, audio dramas, etc. Most notably for How It Should Have Ended (8m+ subs), The Hillywood Show (1m+ subs), MASHED (1m+ subs), BluJay Studios (4m+ subs), Arcade Cloud (1m+ subs), Death Battle, Rooster Teeth, Sound Cadence Studios, MARVEL, Frostburn Studios, Scholastic, etc.

My passion in this industry lies in Voice Matching and Impressions. I work hard and constantly push myself to hone my skills in that craft everyday. It's definitely that niche thing I wanna pursue more of in Video Games, Animations, Commercials, ADR, Trailers, Films, etc. I care about getting the nuances right and not just a caricature of the Actor/Character I'm embodying. I've gotten some opportunities to flex those muscles, but that's just the beginning, haha. Feel free to check out my DEMOS page for more