Hi. I'm Nick.

I'm just a kid from Long Island who wanted to be a voice actor. 


I’m still on the journey to accomplishing the VO goals that I want, but what I’ve accomplished so far has been pretty darn awesome. I’ve been a working actor since 2011 and I've voiced for dozens of characters in various video games, animations, audio dramas, etc. Most notably for How It Should Have Ended (9m+ subs), The Hillywood Show (1m+ subs), MASHED (1m+ subs), Aphmau (4m+ subs), Arcade Cloud (1m+ subs), DEATH BATTLE (4m+ subs), Rooster Teeth, Sound Cadence Studios, MARVEL, Frostburn Studios, Brain Zoo Studios, etc.

My passion in this industry lies in Voice Matching and Impressions. I work hard and constantly push myself to hone my skills in that craft everyday. It's definitely that niche thing I wanna pursue more of in Video Games, Animations, Commercials, ADR, Trailers, Films, etc. I care about getting the nuances right and not just a caricature of the Actor/Character I'm embodying. I've gotten some opportunities to flex those muscles, but that's just the beginning.

Feel free to check out my IMPRESSIONS page for more!