Hello and welcome!

I'm Nicholas Andrew Louie and I’m a non-union voice actor (currently on the east coast). I've been a working actor for about 8 years now in mostly new media content.

Most known for MARVEL's Amadeus Cho/Wong/Ghost Rider 2099/Teen Groot in Marvel Avengers Academy, Kay in Regalia: Of Men and Monarchs, Sonic/Ben 10/Green Ranger in DEATH BATTLE, Sam & Dean Winchester in The Hillywood Show, Narrator for Arcade Cloud’s The Countdown, and Voice Talent for How It Should Have Ended.

Check out my DEMOS, CHARACTER GALLERY, and IMPRESSIONS pages for some fun clips/samples.

Take care and hope to work with you soon,



“Despite working with Nicholas multiple times, I'm always impressed by his extraordinary range and talent. Dedicated to ensuring quality in his work and invested in supporting others involved as a whole, he's a delight to work with and an excellent, reliable choice for a role!”

-Ben B. Singer, Lead Content Producer
Rooster Teeth (Death Battle)

“Nick is GREAT to work with and an awesome voice actor! He has done a large variety of voices for our cartoons and always provides quality voice work. We love all the options he gives us to choose from and he often throws in some pretty funny unscripted stuff too. He's also very professional and responsive which makes it so much easier on us with our very fast paced productions. We recommend him highly!!”

-Tina Alexander, Producer
How It Should Have Ended

“Nick is absolutely wonderful to work with! He's been delivering, on-time, high-quality VO for our hugely successful gaming brands on a consistent basis for over a year now. He goes above and beyond working on our scripts, and his knowledge of the gaming and pop culture space is invaluable to us at Omnia Media as a leading digital gaming brand. I can strongly recommend him for any and all of your VO needs.”

-Cisco Zarandin-Araneta, Senior Digital Producer Omnia Media (Arcade Cloud)

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